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My encounter with God

My encounter with God
(the beginning of the Voice of God)

By the year 1999, I had invested almost ten years of spiritual effort and struggle into my spiritual growth. One night a spiritual brother came to my house and as we were talking we drifted from topics of love and fell into judging people we knew in common. Night came upon us and we talked about going to sleep. The house I was living in at that time had a large living room and within it had two couches each at the two extremities of the room. As we laid down, I turned towards the wall and I started to reflect upon the discussion I had with my spiritual brother. I came to realize that I was judging. As such sadness befell me and I started to feel terrible. Tears started to run down my eyes. Two or three minutes into my crying I felt a tapping on my back, I thought it was the spiritual brother, maybe he wanted something. I wiped my eyes discreetly and turned to him. As soon as I turned, I saw a tall, strong, handsome man, but unknown to me. I immediately asked him, who are you, how did you get in my house and I made an effort to get up. As I was getting up, this man said, Thomas you know that angels are sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation. (This person was paraphrasing Hebrews 1:14). This intrigued me a lot, it troubled me, and then it calmed me down. I asked him how does he know that? It was a surprise to me for a strange person to come into my house and tell me something that I have been reading for ten years but that I could not understand what it meant. What does it mean when it says that angels are sent forth to those who will inherit salvation. He told me, I was sent by God to show you the way of regeneration, the way you need to study life in order to carry out your mission, then to get to know the Father-God who will reveal it to you. I asked him what mission must I carry forth? At that moment I turned to the brother who slept. I immediately asked the angel who came to my house, this brother is he not aware of  your presence at this moment? The angel of God at that moment approached the brother's bed touched him and the brother turned himself facing the wall. The angel of God turned around and said to me, a little while ago you judged. According to the Word of God you are inexcusable, and if Christ's mercy did not exist, you would die instantly, because it is written, do not judge so that you are not judged, Who are you who judges another’s servant? To his own lord he stands or falls. (this is a quote from Romans 14:4) Therefore you are without excuse, O man, whoever you are who judge. For in that which you judge another, you condemn yourself. Then? I asked, what does this mean for me? At that moment he tells me, Thomas, look at the door, I looked to where he was gesturing and I saw another angel with a large sword. This angel within split seconds came next to me. His presence made me feel that I would die, my breathing diminished, I started muttering unwittingly, and all that came to my mind at the time was Lord have mercy on me. I said it three times. The third time, this angel left and went to sit with his sword where he was before. The angel made me feel so tired that I was like a living corpse. 

The angel of God that was sent by God turned his gaze to me, took me by the hand and patted my head and restored with his touch peace in me along with my health and within a few moments brought me back to life. He explained to me how God works with man according to their mission. In other words, everyone’s life he stated is controlled by God, therefore your opinion, your judgement is unnecessary because you enter into fields that are not your own, into God’s fields. This is how a person becomes inexcusable and God Himself opposes him. God opposes the proud, to the humble He gives grace. At that time, in a mysterious fashion which I cannot explain, he lifted me from the room and led me to a space where I can see the whole world. I saw the whole world as if it was a cemetery, a living cemetery and the reason it was so was because everyone was judging day and night.  Everyone unfortunately judges one another. Judgement has distanced man from God, has distanced us from God’s love and from those who are close to us, God’s love transcends and flows through people who are close to us. The angel of God told me, Thomas, noone is worthy to live because they don’t live in God, with God’s principles, therefore whatever occurs in the world, understand that it is God’s concession and not God’s will. Understand that not a single hair falls without God’s will. Therefore if someone judges, if someone tells lies, if he has ego, God will work in his life and not you. Beforehand when you were judging you were taking God’s position. Judgement is the first cause of man's death, the thread of God is cut off, and the second cause is ego. I asked for forgiveness with a broken heart. This angel of God sat down beside me and explained to me why we are dying and for what reason  man is removed from God. He explained and solved many mysteries that contribute to life and death. He showed me the Creation, and he showed me God's plan that is taking place today.

While he went on explaining to me the Word of God and revealing hidden mysteries, I asked him about my mission because I had a great interest at that time to leave and go to Russia to preach the Gospel of the kingdom there. The reason why I asked him about my mission is because at the beginning of our conversation he mentioned to me about a mission and I thought he wanted to tell me about Russia and the reason why it was not easy or no path was being opened for me to go there. I was looking for a job to preach the Gospel in that country, and indeed I was learning Russian. Someone may tell me, that the Russians are Orthodox Christians just like the Greeks, but if everyone observes themselves as well as the whole Christian world, the majority of the Christian world except for a small number of people love God only with words, but with their actions their heart is very far from him. Today, Christians are not studying the Gospel of Christ. He told me that your mission is not to go to Russia. Your mission is great. Greece is the place where God will grow and manifest His presence in people so that they may become people of God and then these people of god will spread it throughout the whole world. Through Greece the living voice of the living God will be heard throughout the world.

Your mission he said is to stay in Greece and study the wisdom of God to fill in and complete what is missing, which God will teach you. In nearly all the Christian world, whatever good exists he told me, will be transformed and become holy. Man in the next few years will regenerate because he will enter into the sanctuary where God in it will fill him with what is missing and unleash His spirit without measure in order to fulfill the promises and for that which is written to take place.

As the angel was leaving, he said, Thomas continue your struggle, I will always be close to you. I told him, don’t forget me because I am but a small child, a spiritually powerless child and I need your help. He told me, He will always be close to me especially when there is reason and to get me out of harm’s way.

This incident made me see things differently, believe more, dedicate more and to have within me an indescribable joy that I have never had in my whole life. At the same time, I realized that in order for man to know God, in order for God to come into his life, this person who pleads God should not plead with Him in vain, but truthfully, pleading Him with his words and his works. To plead with him decisively,  a person of God must function with sacrifice on God’s throne. To labor. This is why many times while we partake and communicate God’s wisdom we are not mature enough for God’s presence to be so powerful in our life in order to help us move from bodily corruption to incorruption. To move from sin to sinlessness, to becoming people of God, elected vessels so that God may work with us to achieve the Creation culminating to making us the image of the invisible God. Man therefore needs to spiritually mature until he reaches the spiritual point of being able to engage with God face to face.

I had a piece of land that I had sold about 25 years ago to buy the first things to make a spiritual hall (or church). Ten years later or around 1999, at the time when God made his presence in my life through this angel, the one who bought it was my Godfather. He died and in his will he had bestowed it to me again. That's where I went and built a wooden cabin. I built it myself and with the help of some brothers. The angel of God told me to return to this property, and start to pray there, to study the Word of God and to create a spiritual estate within me. You no longer have to spread the word he told me, and you do not have to convince anyone with your words, you will stay in this sanctuary and seeing your secret life, God will bless you and He will introduce you to people. Beforehand, Thomas would run around to different towns preaching the word of God, having bible studies, creating churches etc. All this changed with the angel. God now wanted him to become a person of God. A person that would understand the scripture as it was meant and would be explained to him by the holy spirit, by the angels, by Jesus and God Himself. I asked Thomas one time, how does he hear these entities and how can he distinguish who is speaking to him? He replied and said just as you get a call on the cell phone, this is how I hear the voice. I can distinguish it by the tone of the voice, its demeanor as well as the words chosen. The angels he said are more authoritative and strict, they say Thomas do this, Thomas do that. The Holy Spirit talks in a suggestive manner, Thomas you can try this, Thomas this is good also. God is like the sound of many waters, His voice resonates as if it comes from everywhere. 

 So I kept the angel’s words and I withdrew to the sanctuary. In this cabin I began to pray until the day came where I got to know that God exists. It is one thing to say it and quite another to live it. This God visited me and gave me the permission to preach the gospel of the kingdom by filling me on a daily basis with many spiritual things that were missing in me first, which before I could not even conceive of.  My Lord and my God, our Father told me, Thomas, your spiritual siblings at the time will blame you, but you will be governed of the spirit, how many times if my brother has sinned against me should I forgive him, seven? Seventy times seven. Despite all this you will continue your struggle and after some time you will know that all these spiritual siblings will find spiritual food through you because the day will come where they will need it.

You will become the reason for them to continue their struggle more consciously. Until then, you  will study God’s wisdom and you will reveal it when you are asked. God then gave me the gift of discerning of the spirits so I can see when someone honestly wants to know God’s wisdom, to know who is ready, who is honest, who really wants God and is willing to enter the sanctuary so as to cast away from within him all that is not of God, because only in the sanctuary, God has taught me, can man create the mind of Christ and make their struggle more consciously. Today Thomas God said, you find yourself in the place of Joseph whom his physical brothers (which today are your spiritual brothers) threw him in the pit in haste and sold him, but later on Joseph embraced them and got them food and rest. Likewise you will also embrace your spiritual children and you will give them food and rest because your mission has been given from above. In this manner, they will be able to continue the good struggle that they have started in their lives. Actually after ten years adhering to the sanctuary and studying God’s wisdom and creating spiritual wealth which is accumulated by God’s wisdom, there are many brothers and sisters that come today engaging and exchanging with me as I share with them God’s wisdom that encourages me and also other people who have no relationship - with god -  to enter the sanctuary. This is how God’s people, his army will be created. Spiritual organization must happen within the person of God. This same person of God will build within him  philadelphia, the church of Philadelphia which God revealed to me with His presence, it is a prophetic church and it will consist of regenerated Christians, and those who are not currently Christian but have reached the level of respecting others opinions or perspectives whatever they may be, as well as the religious conscious and freedom of whomever it may be. This is how slowly-slowly the Voice of God spreads to the whole world. Many people are coming to visit us and are happy because they found a way to fill and complete what they were spiritually lacking, or that they did not have in their lives and are freed because God’s presence in their lives has now become more real and tangible on a daily basis. We have heard before that the spreading of the gospel comes prior to sanctification (this is what Thomas’ spiritual father used to preach. In other words Thomas’ previous bible study group used to advocate for all its members to go out and leave the places where they currently live and go to new places, new countries and preach the kingdom of the gospel there, to put this as a priority and then focus on your spiritual education and sanctification). At that time and at that specific moment this had to be done so that the Gospel of the Kingdom is spread to many people and today we actually see many people having the gospel in their hands. Yet, we see that when there is no sanctification, holiness does not come and wherever people get together even if they carry the Gospel of Christ in their hands, without sanctification oftentimes they get demonized, because we find the existence of judgement, criticism, bad mouthing, one seeing mistakes in the other, fanaticism or extremism etc. Today the Voice of God is changing this because God wants it to, God is asking for this change. Yes, let’s get together and let’s discuss but let not one person enter into the life of the other but let all of us enter into our personal sanctuary, because there is a great need for what we say in words to become works. If someone who is unclean decides to spread or preach the word employing trickery, craftiness, or by making use of God’s Word according to how he/she sees it or how it benefits them imposing on their fellow man God’s will, he/she may live a hundred lives and if they are lucky they will bring at most a thousand or two thousand people to God. If a person gets regenerated though, and presents Christ with his/her life then they become the reason and inspiration for millions to be regenerated. A person with a burning zeal for God can regenerate the whole planet. 

At that time, the preaching of the Gospel needed to be done, for the spread to be created in order for people to familiarize themselves with the gospel of the Kingdom and what it actually meant. At this time it is important that we enter the sanctuary so that whatever we say with our words function within us, in our lives. Only in this manner will rest come and we will be with our fellow men, one spirit, one heart, one state of mind. Therefore we urge everyone to enter into silence, and to indulge day and night in God’s Word and to the teaching given out for free by the living voice of the living God and is found on the internet and in the space of the Voice of God. Today we ask for the help of many people, that listen to us, whoever God puts within them to accept us and can be found in other countries and know the language thereof to compile - translate that which is found on our website so that it can be read and listened to in all the languages of the world. Only in this fashion will the gospel of the Kingdom be preached and for God’s nation, God’s people and God’s family be created. An important matter that God has taught me and that we must be cautious of is to stop entering into other people’s lives and taking the roles of leaders, the enlightened ones, the teachers etc. Christ Himself stated, you should not be called teachers, your teacher is Christ, you should all be friends. Therefore let us stop the pettiness amongst us and trying to make ourselves smarter than the other. 

It is in our interest for each one of us to have their own way of heading towards theosis (or godliness). Each person can reveal their way but should not be fanatical about it because the administrator of God’s Kingdom is God. God allows everyone to enter including the person who works from the morning in His vineyard as well as the one who goes in five minutes before the shift ends because His mercy and love are great as long as He sees the intention, the willingness of each person and we since we do not know the inside of each person let us not want each person to be as we want them but as God wants them. We should be mindful of this! If someone wants to follow God, it is their concern and not ours. My concern or our concern is that if someone wills to follow God then we will help by engaging with him, discussing and not giving commands or orders. Accepting each person as they are, as God has them. If someone makes a mistake, then the best advice is to let them make and complete that mistake, nothing should concern or bother us from carrying out our struggle.  I will stay in the sanctuary for many years until God’s spirit is working within me. God’s spirit is the benefactor or investor. The Spirit gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life. John 6:63. God’s spirit therefore must completely overtake all our existence, all our being. God’s logic must enter into our brain and become our logic but this cannot happen unless we enter into the sanctuary and we have our daily rendez-vous with Christ. God the Father showed me many events that will take place in the coming years that will call for a global spiritual reassembling - repentance - regeneration until God’s people stand at God’s footsteps because the time has come for that which is written to take place. Today therefore God asks that all Christians that are spread out throughout the whole world and all people who have pure intentions and an "open mind" to enter into silence and learn in it and from it God's wisdom. In doing so man invests in himself because he will receive within him the spirit of life - the spirit of God which is life giving. We have heard, and we have read in God's Word at a certain point where it refers to the following; The spirit therefore that brought back Jesus from the grave, the same spirit he says dwells within us. The one who brought back Christ can bring back life to our corrupting bodies. Life therefore came through Christ, through the Gospel and we must receive it, take hold of it because God has inspired in us this idea of life. We believe it and I believe it that the only truth is that God wants man to break down within a person and around their being the state of death. The Father said to the son, in psalms 110:1 "Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet."

Christ therefore will not come back to earth if the people don't enter into their sanctuaries and don't learn of God's wisdom so that through this wisdom they will destroy all the elements that cause bodily corruption such as sin which has been adopted from a young age through this fleeting world. We cannot come to life therefore if we don't enter into the sanctuary. In the sanctuary complete repentance will take place, regeneration will come back, the complete regeneration that will bring us to the Holies of Holies. When a person meets God, when a person lives with God, he gains life. Remember Moses who went up into Mount Sinai, a person like us who got to know God. When he came down, the Israelites could not look like at his face, he shone completely. This brightness did not come from good food or from a lot of sleep, it came because he met God. God's presence in our lives energizes our existing system a hundred fold until the brain produces and creates within our bodies, life.  These bodies of ours are none other than the temples of the holy spirit.

Christ was good looking in spirit and in the body. We also need to become good looking in the spirit and in the body, having a large spirit which embraces everyone, and above all not to judge. It states in Romans 2:1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. One day the Lord taught me on a matter concerning judgement. He told me “Thomas for you to judge someone properly, you will have to go and live where he was raised, to have the same parents, to live in the same place, to have the same teachers, the same friends, have the same education as he had because the environment plays a profound role in someone's development. Then and only then will you be able to judge properly. If you judge the present situation you will judge wrongly but God does not judge the moment.” He judges the heart of each person. He judges every person's heart. He sees everyone's history and how they reached where they are today. Therefore we should immediately stop once and for all to say anything about any brother or sister and be ready to give a hand to whomever wants to engage with us, with good intentions. When a person comes next to us with fanaticism, with wickedness, with self-interests, we have the right to avoid them but we don't have the right to judge them. When people threaten and judge then let us all understand that these people have been demonized and it would be good for us to stay away from their lives. Remember what John the theologian wrote in the book of Revelations 12:9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. 10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come the salvation and the power  and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. He therefore that judges (or accuses) has the ticket to death in his pocket. I hope we can all grasp and understand our great mission and for all of us to return with all our power to destroy the enemy that makes their presence felt in our lives through bodily corruption, with sickness, with aging, and finally with death until the world becomes God’s jewel and not a graveyard of death as it is today. The last enemy therefore is death and this is what we have to defeat. The victorious one will eat from the tree of life. My brothers and sisters, under God's command I carry out this work - this project. I don't want to seem superior to anyone of you all, just a friend and all of us working together for God's glory, for the establishment of God's Kingdom, and for His promises to be fulfilled and for that which was written takes place and the time is fulfilled.

The horror therefore of death that until yesterday had become a natural phenomenon, had become a religion, now has to leave because what meaning would freedom have, or regeneration, or satisfaction in the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit and characteristics of God that we are called to acquire if we are condemned to death? What meaning is there in someone building a resort next to a cemetery? What meaning is there in carrying out this struggle when as spirits/souls we don't need any of this. (Meaning when we possess a human body we have many needs food, shelter, water etc. Why would God build all this around us if we were to end up being spirits?) It is therefore God's will and God's wisdom that governs a person who struggles their whole life to find through the bible the means that are needed so that he/she may abolish or rid themselves of bodily corruption and death from their spirit and their body. The more a person simplifies - their lives - my brothers and sisters the quicker they become god-like. Many times we consider ourselves to know everything. I want us to know one thing, in the Voice of God we will raise a flag - call it an alarm to demonstrate our ignorance towards God’s whole wisdom because that which we know and understand in comparison to God's multifaceted wisdom is nothing. That which we are ignorant in is infinite. Therefore we must not limit ourselves within the confines of five or so stereotypes that we have learnt. The same stereotypes that make us sound off like parrots and for which many times they do not even work within us yet we want others to urgently adopt things we ourselves don't even apply but just simply talk about them and we don't enter the sanctuary to study, to commune and engage on a daily basis with God's wisdom until it functions in us, for us without even trying. In cultivating God's wisdom, we cultivate regeneration that is contained in God's wisdom and which is found in the Gospel of Christ. It is as necessary as food is to the body, since food and stomach can be abolished as revealed by God Himself through the Holy Spirit that rivers of living water will flow inside a person until the mechanisms of life start working through the Holy Spirit. This is why Christ in the dessert revealed that 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.' (Matthew 4:4) Today Christians confuse this and consider fasting to eating meals, beautiful plates of food supposedly good for lent or fasting yet Christ said that whatever you are overcome by, by that you become a servant to. (Here Thomas is referring to Greek lent where people do not eat meat or other animal products such as milk and cheese in order to symbolize Jesus’ 40 day fast in the desert. But in substituting this food they create other wonderful food which sometimes is even better than the food you are not supposed to be eating hence what is the purpose of lenting? )This is why in the dessert, He said that man does not even have need of food when God lives within him. 

I as the translator want to draw a parallel to what Thomas is saying here. I recently hired a trainer so that I can lose weight and put on some muscle. The trainer sat down and took 17 measurements of my body to calculate my body fat and along with my weight, age and lifestyle drafted up a nutrition program as well as a workout plan. The first four days I wanted to quit. It was my wife's birthday and we went to a fancy restaurant with some friends and she ate and drank and I had my water. I was resolute in my decision to lose weight from an aesthetic perspective but to be honest I didn't really quantify the why I wanted to do it and therefore after 3-4 weeks and having lost about 10 pounds I resorted to my old eating habits and stayed at the same weight. The why is the most crucial component of this journey it must be so strong and powerful that it is ingrained in every aspect of your being, in your cells in your thoughts from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. I can assure you that the spiritual effort that Thomas speaks of to attain incorruptibility and immortality is much more gut wrenching than getting into shape and let me explain why. It is your very current existence. Meaning who you are today is a collection of thousands of years of dna, your upbringing and your environment. In order to change these mental patterns, thoughts, actions, habits that have woven themselves into your very character, it is like destroying your very nature and rebuilding it again. Let's take an example, we take the action to stop judging, we have read and understood through scripture that God frowns upon people who judge. How do you stop it? How do you look at a situation which you don't like and yet not pass judgement, not even state your opinion (ok I am being a little extreme). This takes a lot of time and effort, it takes silence (more on that later), it takes God's wisdom and it takes the sanctuary. It is a series of progressive steps where you attack the problem from different perspectives. You start off with truth and wisdom, you identify through scripture that it is not right and that ideally it is a trait you must not possess, then you acquire faith, believing that you can rid yourself of this habit if you put your mind to it. The why in this effort is because you want to be like Christ, he should be your motivator. You then enter into the sanctuary, your own designated place which can be in your house in a cabin out by the woods like Thomas does or whatever you choose. Here in silence your mind along with the holy spirit work in conjunction to undo your old dna, call it habits and create new patterns. This is what Thomas calls regeneration. Make your why strong enough to carry you through the first couple of months, these will be the most difficult because you will see little to no results and you will question (at least I did) why it is not working and why you are making all this effort in the first place. You may ask yourself ok now I got to the sanctuary but what will you do next? Well I for one translate Thoma's speeches from Greek to English but I also take my bible and I print it out in Byzantine, or modern or ancient greek, I leave spacing in between each line and under each Greek word I put the english equivalent. Sometimes it takes me 5-15 minutes to find a suitable english word, it does not matter, as I am searching the word I am also reading the english equivalent in the English bibles and reading different perspectives on the explanation of the passage. This is done in silence, I don't have a rocky soundtrack in the background or Cardi B rapping about how much money she makes or what brand of shoes she wears (though I hear she likes Louis Vuitton). As the time progresses I take a break and I sit down in my comfortable reading chair and pray. I pray inside me, I pray out loud and oftentimes I resort to tongues where the spirit lately talks to me in Greek. I do this in the morning right after I drop my daughter at the bus stop for maybe an hour or 2. I also do it at night. Now it was not always this way. When I first started I would read maybe one chapter in the bible and then I would fall asleep. Thomas would laugh and say isn't it funny that if it was an article about cars (something I am passionate about) you could read for hours? He had a point. All this to say that I am doing all this because I truly believe I can become incorruptible and one day immortal. The ultimate objective is unbelievable but what is great about this exercise is like Oprah says, it is about the journey. You see the first gift you will probably receive from the Holy Spirit will be tongues, then you will most likely get interpretation, then healing then prophecy, then powers then discerning of spirits etc. All these gifts make superman look like a regular human being. Can you imagine one day seeing a sick person, and I mean really sick say they had a stroke or is paralyzed and telling them “hey why don't you get up and walk”. When I was 18 years old I decided to volunteer in a children's hospital so it can look good on my resume as I was a medical school hopeful. I worked in the palliative care unit at the children's hospital reading and playing with children that had cancer. Every friday night I would show up for about 3 hours. I would try to put on a smile and laugh (trust me it took some serious effort to look happy and unfazed by their condition). Every Friday when I would show up I wouldn't know whose new face I would see and whose I would not because they passed away. I remember thinking then not that God was not fair or unjust but what it would be like to cure these children of their affliction. I had heard of Christ but the concept of someone having those powers to heal was a myth to me and as far away a notion as happiness was in that corner of the hospital. Ingrained in me without me realizing it at the time was the foundation of my why. Why did I decide to follow and model Christ. Twenty five years later and countless searching I stumbled upon Thomas who showed me the most effective pathway to Christ and this is the sanctuary. It is what is missing from every great religion but every great person on this planet honed their skills at plugging away countless hours in their sanctuary. They of course had different objectives, for you to be here and listening to this speech your objective is to be a person of God. A person who has Christ like qualities and is employed by God to carry out His will. When and how will you know if you are on the right path? There are yardsticks some of them are as I mentioned beforehand are the gifts of the holy spirit which include tongues, interpretation, discerning of spirits, powers, healing, prophecy etc and there are other characteristics like the fruits of the holy spirit which include joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. Effort is required. It takes elementary school, high school,  4-5 years of med school, 2 years of stage or apprenticeship in order to become a doctor and there is an average of one - three doctors per 1000 people in the developed countries, how much more time and concerted effort do you think will be needed to become a person of God especially when the odds of finding one are like one in a billion? Now Thomas says that even if it took you 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 years to become incorruptible or immortal what is that time in eternity it is but a "twinkling of the eye" that Paul speaks of when he talks about us getting our new bodies. It is not for everyone because everyone has a different why for the things they do. I hope that your why and my why despite being different, ends up taking us to God's kingdom together. Amen.

Today in our generation we find ourselves in a time which is not part of God's time. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. (2 Timothy 4:3).  There are many that consider themselves theologians but they do not have the regenerative teaching within them and they fix God to their measure, according to their passions. We will watch out for this. We should also understand that all of us  children that are part of this movement that god allows everyone within the Voice of God to be free yet they have to be mature enough to pay their debt or the price to sanctify themselves without being told by other people. In other words don’t be lazy. You owe it to yourself once you hear about God to put the effort required to become like Him, no one can do it for you. 

Only in this manner will the lord transform our humble body until it becomes conformant and like Christ's body of glory. Only then will all the nations will be finally led to this path and we will be led in the name of our Lord our God. Sometimes with judgement, with personal interests, with wickedness, we fall into many traps. Let us all remember Cain when he killed his brother and the Father - God came down to earth to meet with him. God said, Cain, Cain, where is Able? And Cain answered, "who am I, my brother's keeper?" We must understand that we stand to benefit when we become keepers of our brothers and sisters and the way we do this is not by observing their lives according to their worldly elements but to regenerate ourselves so that when they will need God in their lives, they can come and meet with us and we can help them so that they can empty themselves of whatever the devil put in them without them even knowing or being aware of. Here Thomas references the worldly elements for example he is saying not to concern ourselves whether a person eats or does not eat enough or whether they work or do not work enough or spend or do not spend enough. These are worldly things but when these people are faced with challenges that overcome them, like disease, like the death of a person close to them etc, to be the pillar to show them who God really is and to help them overcome their grief or their pain. Cain is what a person ends up being when he goes around everywhere asking for peace and happiness in vain. He is a person who cannot find happiness within them and therefore spend all their time trying to find it somewhere in some activity, in some party in some friendship etc.

One day the Lord was sitting with his disciples on a mountain and they were looking at Jerusalem and his disciples asked Him when will be your time, when will you make your presence. The Lord answered, when you see the "abomination of desolation" that was spoken of by the prophet Daniel standing at the place of the holy, "he who knows let him understand" Matthew 24:15 I want you to know that the abomination of desolation that will sit at the holy place - the brain, is sin, which at its height will be so prevalent in a person's brain that the person will not be able to think in any manner on how to do God's will. This is what is happening today to a lot of people. If we see it happening on a large scale then let us understand that the abomination of desolation has sat in that person's brain. We see this in our lives and may God have the glory that He left within us one of his own seed which slowly slowly with God's power and everyone with their own effort has given it life and it has multiplied until each one of us can become the image of the unseen God. We will be cautious not to become an abomination and make God inhabit inside His temple which is our brain and not sin because everyone's brain is a sacrificing altar and this sacrifice creates a large stench.  Our head therefore, our brain is the sacrificing altar and within it God must reign. God's word must reign until our feelings and our sensors will be trained and we will have a peace which when we come to a place, all the people will realize and recognize the difference, that something therefore special and different has been built in us by God, that we are different people. Many try to spread the gospel with their words but are unsuccessful yet all those who spread it with their lives have success. Therefore let us understand that missions come from above, Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Let us bring our mission to pass if we believe it was given to us by God without us judging or criticizing without considering ourselves to be the Alpha or the Omega and that everyone else is good but they are below us. The word of God clarifies this, if you have received whatever you have, why do you boast as if you have not received it. (Corinthians 4:7). Therefore let us be humble because with egoism God will turn Himself away from us. 

I hope from the bottom of my heart that God increases inside us. I hope from the bottom of my heart that we enter into the sanctuary and study God's wisdom and enter into silence, into prayer with an honest and earnest heart to ask for the Holy Spirit which is life giving. When God sees truth, He engages with truth. Whoever is of truth hears my voice. Let us become truth leaving pettiness behind us and let us all unite for the common goal which is to defeat bodily corruption and death, to get rid of our bad side, to get rid of sin which ends up first in the brain and then suppresses all our body leading it to bodily corruption and to death. I love you all a lot! May Christ reign in your pure hearts. May Christ lead in front of all of us!

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