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Christ’s truth will liberate us from whatever is oppressing our lives

Christ’s truth will liberate us from whatever is oppressing our lives
Many years ago a great philosopher wrote the following poem: 
I want to know Thee, Unknown One
Thou, who is reaching deeply into my soul,
Who is raging through my life like a storm
Thou Unfathomable One, akin to me!
I want to know Thee, and serve Thee.
Anyone reading this poem would think that it was written by a religious person or a saint and yet it was not. It was written by none other Nietzche, the philosopher that proclaimed that God was dead. A truly great philosopher with a tragic ending tortured by the question of God. Despite this back and forth questioning and doubting, people of every generation, are still more or less, looking for God. All of us, whether it be a little or a lot have wondered, "Is there a God?" Especially when we are going through hard times. Certainly the answer is difficult for those who are not truly seeking for a spiritual component in their search but it is an easy answer for people who are devoted or for saints or prophets or others who live spiritually. I believe therefore that God cannot be discovered but He is revealed and He does it from what I understand all these years, first to those who deeply disbelieve, like Paul but also to many others that criticized Him and persecuted everything about Him on earth. God also reveals himself to whomever seeks for Him with pure and good intent and makes the impossible possible for someone to find Him. 
The topic of today’s speech is: Christ’s truth will liberate us from whatever is oppressing our lives
Before we start there are some spiritual messages I would like to give: 
If you want something so bad, even if it is a mistake, God will give it to you because that is what love does. If He does not give it to you, it means that whatever you are asking for is absurd in comparison to your present day abilities. It does not mean that it will not happen in the future when the proper situations and conditions will be created. 
To be awaiting for something from God or from another person and putting a time restriction in your mind, will fatigue you. To entrust God though and to forget about when He will bring to you that which you need or to forget that a person owes you something or you want something from him is truly wonderful.
If someone is in the pleasant position to feel God and his Holy-spiritual presence in his life, this happens because the person in question has worked with truth and he continues to work spiritually using as his weapons prayer, studying, spreading the word, and carrying out his daily life with spiritual activities that actually prolong life and regenerate it such as peace, love, etc in other words, he lives according to God’s will, nothing is by chance.  
Whenever something happens in a person’s life whether it is good or bad, it may be that it will not happen a second time, but if it happens continually in our lives then it is to be assumed that we are the cause of it and this is why it is repeating, nothing happens by chance. 

Whenever we feel that we are loved by others, we find ourselves going close to them more willingly, we go there running, we are the first to be close to them when we are scheduled to meet them or do any other activity with them and we are the last to leave because we enjoy their company. Wherever we feel that people do not care for us but we are forced to go say for example at an event, to fulfill our obligation, we are the last to arrive and the first to leave. It is a big thing to be born again, because we will experience something very important in our relationships, this is called unity, life, God.

If we do things which we don’t want to do, we fall into the trap which is spoken of in God’s word in Romans 14:22-14:23 and it says the following, Happy is he who doesn’t judge himself in that which he approves. 23 But he who doubts is condemned if he eats, because it isn’t of faith; and whatever is not of faith is sin. If we do that which we feel like doing though, and say what we feel with love and I emphasize this with caution so that we do not  insult anyone, then we are free people, just and true. But if we say something with malevolence or with bad intent, then we are simply bad people in our souls, and as a natural consequence our lips cannot refrain from revealing what is inside us. 
A person of God in every reconciliation* or discussion frequently employs the dictionary of silence. Let us be wise. A foolish person speaks without reason, without people asking for his opinion and without anyone really understanding what he is saying. 
*Thomas uses the word reconciliation because there is a difference of opinion or difference of perspectives yet a smart person always seeks to find common ground instead of building division. This is the spirit of reconciliation. 

In all the cities that I have travelled to and have gotten lost, or was derailed from my chosen path, I found the nicest landscapes, the most surprises and the nicest sights. We see that it is good to follow the right path that brings forth the desired worldly outcomes in our lives, but it is not a mistake to get on a road that is not on your map. What I want to say is, let us not to be dogmatic or fanatic in whatever people have told us or determined in our lives. To get lost somewhere, may perhaps be the best way or path to find something of interest.  Let us not believe that whatever takes us away from our habits is bad or sin. With this mindset even if you live you don’t really live. But neither does God want us to dogmatize our lives. Let us make little mistakes, it doesn’t matter, maybe they might lead us to something good. Let us be open to learn from everything, because everything works for the good and pure. Meaning that everything is made for your purification.

All problems have a beginning and an end. Surely when we go through them it is like fighting an uphill battle.  The most intense feelings created by a problem are just before the peak of the uphill and the reason being is that you have reached the end of the uphill apex, this is to say just before the uphill ends and the downhill starts. We all know that after the uphill the road takes a downward turn by itself. Here is where therapy comes in. Let us not despair, it is enough to understand that everything has a solution and that the most difficult problem in our lives must be broken down, dissected, mulled over, reflected and thought upon before the solution arrives. When we reach the end of the hill and the beginning of the downhill God’s solution will come. We though, must not stop. Let’s continue going up the hill that has placed itself on our path. Let us go up with the Lord by our side, in other words working the good and pure and fighting the evil, “fight o man the evil with the good” Amen.
If God attracts you and you attract Him then the relationship lasts forever. If God is attracted by something else, which is stronger or we are attracted by something else stronger then this game then this specific relationship between God and man is lost. Godly lust is required, this lust will always attract God to you and likewise you will be attracted to God. Let the Holy God’s grace attract us forever, Amen.  Now Godly lust is the term I used as an english translation of Thoma’s phrase Theio erotas. In the Greek Biblical language there are three types of loves:

  1. There is Erotas which is the love between two lovers. It is a passionate love filled with highs and lows. This is the love that God wants directed towards Him. 
  2. Storgi is the love between a mother or father with a child. It is a protective, nurturing and comforting love.
  3. Agape is the love between two friends. 

The love that God seeks for with His children is the Erota love. Where we seek to be continually with Him and He with us. 
When you defeat a problem, and put an end to it, then you laugh about this problem. Solutions to problems always bring with them happiness. Indeed after so many years of spiritual struggle I got to understand that he who has problems is he who does not have solutions. It is good for us to study today that we have the time on a daily basis in Christ’s school that which is called God’s Wisdom. God’s Wisdom has solutions. Let us understand something: when life presents itself 5 problems, God’s wisdom presents hundreds of solutions which will make the problems disappear. 
Many times in our life we may feel deprived but life always has its surprises. God concerns Himself for everyone and for all. Let us have trust in God who has granted us this life. Indeed with the greed that man has today, everyone is deprived, even those who have millions want more. Even those who are poor, if they become rich, even to them it will not be enough, they will want more. The problem is not that we have lack but most of the time it is greed. God knows how much we should have, what we should have and when we should have it, in other words in what period of time we should have it. This is why we should have faith in God.
God is always with us and many times He uses some person’s lips to tell us something that may help us. The point is to have trained sensors whereby we can pick up  God’s words easily. These words free us, heal us, and bring us back to His will. Let us learn to listen, to say little, to speak with love, to live in God, and everything will be blessed in our lives as well as everyone who is around us will be blessed because of us. This will add a lot of happiness to us and to those around us. Amen.
For someone to continually feel hopeless, and sad is not right. We need to pay attention to this, because of our ignorance, the devil has managed to occupy the whole part of our brain, the sanctuary. God’s wisdom, God’s word takes us out from this prison and makes us happy and free again. Amen.
There are people who were born to spend the rest of their lives alone, others were born to acquire a family. Both are good with God’s spirit. Otherwise they both become hell, beware. 
Whoever seeks God, God also seeks for him. Whoever seeks sin, sin seeks him also.  Whoever seeks the impossible, the impossible seeks him, whoever has no desire for anything, nothingness will surround him. Be aware of what we want because they also want us. 
God’s word creates solutions. When we acquire these solutions or know the solution then the problem leaves. 
A child was reading his school subjects. While overlooking from his balcony at some children playing in an adjoining ally. His father told him “don’t look at them, they don’t have a future” and the child responded, “yes but I have lost the present”.  Let us not exchange the time we are living now for another one, we will regret it. Everything in its due time, or else we will be living one drama after the other. Let us not hurry to get older, we will live in another period and when we do get older we will want to be like children and we will become the laughing stock.  Only in one instance can you grow but still remain a child. What is that? When we have control of incorruptibility in our bodies. Otherwise we will act like children though we will look much older and we will resort to questions like “how old do you think I am?” only to await people’s lying flatteries. Let us not live in lies but in truth.
Life only gains value when death comes. Unfortunately as long as we have life we don’t value it towards God, nor do we love it. It is better to prevent than to cure. We prevent negative situations when we study God’s wisdom and we advance and develop towards God. Otherwise we will not be able to live or put value to this life if we are negligent about God or about life. 

People want to change things in their lives but habit makes them reject changes. A regeneration with and towards God is required for us to have power over our bad habits that have now become passions. “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” luke 18:27. Let us not take away God’s almightiness. 
Most people when carrying out their work or doing a certain job end up saying that everything in their lives is going bad. This is not by chance, the bad happens in a person’s life because of the phrase “I want”, you see the foundation is bad, our objectives are bad. For things to go well, today that we have the time, we need to consciously follow God. If this happens then our whole life will be blessed with successes and miracles in all material and spiritual levels.
Let us now go to our speech with the topic “God’s truth will free us from whatever is oppressing our lives.”
There are many people in the world today that are unhappy and the reason being is because they find themselves continually in an undeclared war*, in conflict not with any particular enemy but with their own self. They don’t fight against anyone who caused them harm but they fight their own self at every moment of their day without reason. Something which we were naturally also doing to ourselves before we got to know Christ. 
*Thomas calls it an undeclared war and the reason is because we have not identified the enemy. We don’t know the enemy because we never learned about him. The enemy was pointed out to us by Paul in Ephesians 6:12 For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world’s rulers of the darkness of this age, and against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. Big words and they seem kind of scary yet they are filled with God’s exciting Wisdom. It is never too late to find out who this enemy is, and just like the lyrics of a song, “one of your gazes can make me fly like an airplane” one of your gazes should at least fall on the Gospel of Christ. The reason why this war exists in all people is because God is missing from our lives. Dear person how do you want to have, or for us to have happiness, peace and to positively develop or to spiritually mature in this life that we are living today? A life which we will only have for one time and which we must take care of like the pupil of our eye? Because it is written, in 1 Corinthians 6:19 “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” I believe that we should hold strong with all our powers to regeneration, in other words we should, and all of us should succeed in Godly objectives, spiritually holy objectives but the only way someone can figure out what these Godly objectives are is by reading the Word of God. In fact the war that most people carry out in themselves are with the wrongful thoughts and hidden dialogues within their heads, they never have peace themselves and consequently they upset those who are around them, by letting the evil that is within them overflow onto others. By not reading God’s Word people do not know what is right and what is wrong, what is fruitful and beneficial and what is to their detriment. Let me give you an example, Paul states in the Gospel  that love takes no account of evil. Let us analyze this verse. Someone may come up to you and say do you know that this person said this and this about you in a bad way. If you have love you will tell the person gossiping about that person that it is okay, maybe they felt offended about what you said, maybe they didn’t mean it that way. In other words you diffuse the situation with your love. Now if someone does not read the Gospel, it will take them much longer to understand these concepts maybe they will never understand it. These same people will end up fantasizing about things that clearly do not exist and which they believe is real like this present  example, we are referring to, these people will believe that those around them are seeking for their harm, or that they do not love them and thousands of other reasons. As such they find themselves in a devastating war that exists even in their sleep (unfortunately they are daily and constantly in a battlefield). How does this war come about in their lives and our lives? Everyone unfortunately who does not diligently read and apply the Gospel in their lives develops a divided personality, in fact no one really knows what they want. They continually say all together, in one instance I love you and in another I hate you, in one instance I offer you and in the other I demand, I grant to those around me freedom and then I impose my own thinking which I introduce as love, in my way not knowing real love which has been spoken by the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul who revealed in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 :  Love is patient and is kind; love doesn’t envy. Love doesn’t brag, is not proud, 5 doesn’t behave itself inappropriately, doesn’t seek its own way, is not provoked, takes no account of evil; 6 doesn’t rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 
Love does not set laws, it accepts you as you are. People who say, "I love you" without these fruits, hide other negative objectives or feelings such as jealousy, possessiveness, power in unfair ways, enmity,  in a few words many interests. The negative situations in many people’s lives come about because most  people have the need to want to dominate everything and everyone. Surely for someone who does not understand real love they tend to impose their theories and demands onto others but a regenerated person understands that he is dealing with people who have gone away or went on the wrong track away from God’s principles and have allowed evil to come in unbeknownst to them and as such regenerated people are very cautious when they are around these people. Thomas states that regenerated people develop elements of proper social etiquette and conduct.
You can see when you visit non-regenerated people at their homes they welcome you without giving you any special value or interest. They may say in words that they are very happy to see you, but you realize that the only thing they don’t have is joy. In fact, they look at you uneasily, frightened, angry, looking at you as if you were a problem that has entered in their home. In fact, they tell you to sit down wherever you want but with discretion and without much noise they quietly direct you where to sit. They disagree with themselves and the reason why is because they are aiming for something. Something they do not even know themselves as their goals or objectives are unfocused or they may just simply want you out of their house but because they feel some obligation to you for being their friend or relative they resort to  hypocritical patience.
People who are not reborn are hypocrites.* They are not people with ideals, they have no identity so when they express something there is no truth. Much more, these people do not have love, justice or spiritual level, even though they with their own lips justify themselves, telling  others that they are fair or have love. In essence though they cannot speak the truth, "brother, you bother us for this reason" or "do not bother us" and for them to mean it. Even to their children, these people, when they are counselling or instructing them they have evil love, they tell their children "to be themselves" and at the same time teach them how to conduct themselves. They say the same things to their friends. That is, they tell their children "to be independent" and at the same time they pressure them and determine the next moves in their lives or take away what they chose.  Conclusion: When they tell a child, a friend, a brother or someone who has a close relationship to them, to be free, they then tell them how to be or how they want them to be. When people have such a personality, which is  hypocritical and where their words never align with their actions, ie hypocrites they become tyrants to themselves and to those around them because if their inside is not like their outside and their outside has no commonality with the inside, the only thing they will succeed in accomplishing is to have multiple facades or personalities and not just one. This sooner or later will bring many twists and turns to their whole lives and the reason being is because of the battle that they have started, instead of receiving the calling from God to become people of ideals, they follow their hypocrisy which does not allow them to succeed in anything of importance. These people today occupy high positions in society, and they now pass on their personalities which is laced with evil elements onto their children and our children, who are now born into these societies. Their children and our children's first encounters are with parents who define to them their specific goals such as education, religion, personal interests, etc and immediately we start seeing within these children the creation of conflict. “What should I follow? This field or that? This opinion or that?” Fearing failure and the non acceptance from the world but also from people close to them. They then continue to follow specific stereotypes and undergo the process of pleasing those who imposed these ambitions or goals onto them until they achieve these goals, setting off an uncontrollable war with themselves. What Thomas is saying here and to which I will take a specific example is that we inadvertently put conditions on people. As a parent of a teenage daughter, I am guilty as sin of this matter. My daughter loves to dance, hip hop, ballet, jazz, etc. She wants to pursue her studies in this field but living in this world I understand the necessity of having to earn a living. I tell her to dance but I also remind her of the need to be good in science and in math, I take time to do her science homework with her so that she understands and takes a liking to it, I hire a math tutor to make sure she further understands the math and does it easier. She has her likes but I am imposing my conditions also. Sometimes when she is in bed, we talk and she tells me that she feels anxiety because she feels like she has to get a good grade on her math or science exam. I try to comfort her, sometimes we watch funny clips of her favourite movies such as Steve Martin in The Pink Panther. I try to put her at ease but inside me I feel the need to have her conform to society’s rules of getting a good education, sticking with the math and sciences that can open more doors in engineering, medicine, law, business, etc. instead of sticking with dance or even with God. The time when I should be talking about Jesus is the time I spend calming her anxiety. It is a vicious circle where I do not have complete faith in God just to let her go and be her own self. I am still eager for the day when I get to meet Jesus and God and they can put me and my daughter on the path that He wants. Amen.
These people, and I put myself into this fold end up getting filled with an endless inner division which causes uneasiness and the reason why this happens is because peace has left and in its stead came unrest, agitation. The uneasiness lies in the fact that these children, start needing medication because they are continually and unfairly pursuing  the interests of those around them etc. With these beginnings this “dance” of division has no end. These children, as well as many others as they grow older, encounter politics, they are drawn to certain parties and their promises. They like a certain political party to the point where they become fanatical. As they mature they start liking another party because it promised them something. We see therefore that from a young age they develop multiple personalities. We all fall into these traps. They eventually encounter religion. They want to be good to the world and to God. They wear their good clothes without having a clue of God’s will. They wear the face of the good and virtuous person and they go to church. Though when someone informs them of something which might be detrimental to their material affairs or business, judgement and bad mouthing starts, and they immediately send their lawyer. They immediately forget about their God, the God of love, causing them to live continually in hell.  Indeed the bad continues to increase because these people divide themselves in classes, and they consider themselves to be smart yet they seem to despise other people of the same class, they despise the worker they work with when they see them on the street yet when they encounter the priest, the bishop, or the politician who are not of their faith or political party they clamour in awe, they don’t know what they want. Even though they are working together, they try to avoid each other and they run after someone who does not even give them the time of day. They smile continually even though people having a certain title or position like the priest lies to them. People of ideals do not clamour or suck up to anyone. They are the same today and tomorrow and wherever they may be. Enlightened people always present one front, one face, they are alive because they go ahead in life consistent with their one persona, they have an identity, they are real. Fake people cannot live, they cannot communicate, everyone avoids them without they themselves understanding why and as a consequence they live under the cover of division. God’s word says in James 1:8, “a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.” Fake people cannot progress they are in essence dead, they have no life within them, they cannot regenerate even if they hold the Gospel of Christ in their hands day and night, knowing the scripture by heart. *

* I would like to add something to what Thomas is saying here. There are many instances in your daily routine that you will think, talk and act differently with different people. For example, you will not talk to your child the way you talk to your spouse, or a coworker. This is not what Thomas means by having one face. A fake person is someone who is not true to themselves, they will gladly sacrifice their morality for the sake of their current personal whims or desires. They might lie, they might cheat, or simply they might act totally unpredictably from one moment to the next. They are not consistent.  Fake people never grow up, they are like plastic flowers. Indeed biologically they may be 60 years old but spiritually they are five and they act like small children, who want everything yet have nothing of their own possession to give.  I have also observed that some did not start their lives within the church of their community or country and concerned themselves with other theories, other countries and the reason being is that all of us, either in a small or large measure, we like to concern ourselves with foreign affairs and not with our own which we neglect since we consider what is foreign is of a greater religion, a greater wisdom. I have observed lately that these people after many years concerning themselves with other religions or other theories, in the end find themselves at a dead end since they see themselves aging and death is upon them. When they realize this, what do they do? They return to their religion, church and indeed they commence a spiritual life from where they left off when they were children, in other words they start fasting, they do the typical, they listen to the Fathers, they seek for a spiritual elder within their dogma, their church etc. Here Thomas is specifically referring to Greeks living in Greece. That which they threw away in their youth they start serving in their old age. All those years that they dedicated to other theories created a lot of problems for them. Now due to fear they cast them aside because they have understood that these theories had not brought anything good to them except for evil ego, since they spent their lives showing off their knowledge of foreign religions. Now they return back to the same and they start from the beginning. My brothers and sisters, when we accept our mission, which was determined by God and lays at the bottom of our hearts, then we are governed by peace, since we are ourselves. Politics, religion, dogmatic stereotypes take you away from yourself leading you to do things that others say and not what you feel. You throw away the God that is in you and make other people’s God your own. I am not saying for you not to study, this is necessary, the point is for you not to be dogmatic (I personally like the word opinionated) with whatever you read until you reach a decision to what you will follow. Dogmatism or fanaticism will surely take you away from your will which is God’s will, as it is written, that our will and the works within us are God’s. 
Now someone may say that his or her will is to be fanatical about something and to be opinionated and since this is their will, it must be the will of God within them. I will say one thing, in studying God over these past twenty or so years I have come to realize that God is love and His will is for you to be love and come to the full understanding of truth. Love though has no room for fanaticism. They cannot coexist because love exists for you to come to the truth which is God. In order for you to accomplish this you must listen, understand other people’s truths, God’s truths and not just be fanatical of your own truth. 
Let us not stray away from God’s wisdom and let us be ourselves having Christ’s love as our foundation, then everyone who meets us is glad because they know who we are, what we do and where they can find us. If we pursue things that are not ours (meaning we take other people’s experiences and make them our own), the problem is that they are not our experiences, we haven’t owned them and consequently they will betray us. For example we are not all like Paul who Christ blinded on the road to Damascus, Christ has not come into our lives like this although to some He may have but we cannot make Paul’s experience as our own. Christ has manifested Himself differently to all of us and each one of our experiences is unique and special helping to edify us and be an example to others around us. 

Let us now go to another spiritual level. My brothers and sisters, in our lives we will get a chance to experience two lives. The first life will be the one we are all living, this life is perceived differently for each person yet everyone still sees it as  difficult. For a person living in this world, the life which he is living, he judges as being unfair, difficult, with many conflicts. Despite this though each person continues dreaming and hoping for many dreams of which most never happen. Now some may occur, but there are so many other dreams that create problems for him along the way and this is because everyone has within them the evil found in ambition and dissatisfaction. A person of the world does not see the blessings that he has today so that he may get balance. He only sees problems which are self created because he continually wants more and as a result he is always grumbling. In business terminology they call these obstacles  financial hurdles. Some people welcome them but sooner or later they weigh you down like gravity and actually cause enough stress in your life to kill you.  People that are living this world see life as being one collection of problems. Indeed in this first life, whatever you do is never enough, you always want something else. In this first life there is still the existence of dissatisfaction, jealousies, rivalries, ego, wickedness, personal interests etc. This is the reason, the main reason why we die. We can’t remain calm, we create a large commotion for no real reason. As such, with the mindset that we have, we die and then we along with those who are around us calm down. Why should we die and not be peaceful, filled with love? Today the way world is working, if you succeed in getting 50 or 60 years of age, you are a hero. Despite all this no one calms down, everyone makes noise. Instead of showing love, so we can live past a hundred years old, we become more strict, mean, evil. Some people though are very lucky and the reason being is because they get a chance for a second life, a second chance. In the second life, everything changes. What is this second life? This second life when it arrives, and I will repeat it once again, everything changes, everything becomes better, and many times perfect. In the second life you acquire much gratitude. I want this to be clear though, by a second life I am not suggesting under any situation, life after death, or like most suggest, life in heaven. It is here on earth where the two lives evolve and those who live the second life are fortunate. In the second life you see a lot of good all around you, even though nothing really changed in your financial situation or in your personal relationships yet everything becomes like paradise. When the second life comes, you perceive this life that you are living totally different, you enjoy the sun’s light, you enjoy the day, you drink your coffee pleasantly, you don’t need to run from right to left for different jobs or to entertain yourself, and the reason being is because where you are there is enough room for you to run, to play, to swim, and do many other things that in your first life you did not see. With the second life, when it comes, you find yourself continually on vacation. Indeed, everything you now see in your second life, you did not see earlier in your first life, even if everything was close by. Indeed in your second life you love your family, your friends and you will have time to talk to all those whom till yesterday you ignored. Though I don’t know if they will have time for you since they are living their first life. When does the second life, the blessed life, the pleasant life begin? It comes about in two ways:
  1. Through a person of God or
  2. A medical issue or problem
It begins when God comes, in an enlightening and intelligent manner with something that you hear that will catch your attention or will pique your interest and it will become a stimulus or catalyst for you to research God further. Not for you to act smart to others, boasting that you know a lot, because if this happens then it increases your ego and although knowledge is good, the works of the evil ego lead you to the wicked one’s house. You might say that you are of God but you are living in the devil’s prison. God and the second life come with their respective person, whom God sends into your life, a person who is humble and teaches you love, humbleness, how to lead a holy spiritual life that educates you on living faith, and God’s liberty. Indeed God through the person that He sends to you, teaches you how to live the life that you are living, and to show you its worth. God also educates you on His role, therefore liberating you and blessing you to the point of saturation. You can learn everything about who God is. You will know if he is a person of God because you will acquire fine tuned sensors, sensors that are more sensitive and in tune with God’s true nature, you will become smarter, God’s wisdom will be added to you, you will experience God’s freedom inside you, you will laugh, everything will be comfortable with this person and you will feel peace inside you when you are alone. Indeed everything will just feel better in your life, without pressure. The second life therefore comes when God calls you either Himself or with one of his people and starts the process of regeneration. This is one way way you will get to know the second life, there is though another way and this is with a health problem. God uses a health problem in your life to help direct to you to the second life. How? In God’s perfect manner, God understands that a health scare is a vehicle for you to seek Him. It is tiring, but over time with this problem, you come face to face with and experience many situations that are of great spiritual value. Despite others around you being worried for you and wondering how you are dealing with this problem, and being frightened for you about this issue, the person who has been called by God with this medical condition, teaches everyone and takes pleasure in the problem that has come because he knows inside himself that he will be victorious. He starts acquiring within himself a great spiritual treasure, God’s treasure. Since you have been called to experience the second life, God’s life, you end up getting to know God. The daily studying of God’s Word is a big stimulus for life. Indeed if you are in a difficult situation because of this problem you, instead of complaining, start loving the world which until yesterday you criticized and in every one of their mistakes you forgive, you embrace. A person with a medical issue, increases in love, he manages everything with love and in the end he ends up partaking in God’s glory. He has finely tuned sensors, he listens better, something which he didn’t have in his early life, since in his first life he only taught or talked about anything. This is how everyone is in their first life. We conclude that these two callings come with God’s blessing and lead you to the second life, the blessed life where you see everything different. The first way therefore is for God Himself or a person of God to call you to lead you to the second life and the second way is sickness. They are both big callings with big objectives because they lead you to God’s throne and activate our lives for God’s glory and the salvation of the world. The second way (I would say being more dramatic) leads you very close to God’s spiritual level. Either with the first or second path, a person of God as long as sickness continues within him remains humble, patient, keeps the feeling of gratitude towards God and to man, has unfeigned love, God’s wisdom, in a few words, fruits, characteristics, of God and the Holy Spirit etc.  Now if sickness delays in making its rounds to us, we must be cautious of ego because it is continually working under all conditions and situations in our lives and most of the time against us. We must quickly come back to God’s principles. It we are observant and battle ego, it will leave and consequently so will the problem and God will simply remain to reign in a person’s life. 
Let’s go see something else. 
Every love except God’s has an expiry date . His remains forever with those who have God and God’s love in their lives.
We all try to do God’s will. How? Everyone has their way. Others try to follow the church’s way in their respective country or dogma, others have their own way, others acquire a new way which was inspired to them by a fellow person who has taught them. Since we live in Greece let us speak of our way. We Greeks have a particular way, due to our culture and habits, we serve God’s will as follows: we pray, we have prayer beads, we plead (with God), we do unction (or last rites), we do Vespers  (evening prayers) or Matins (morning prayers), we go to church, we confess, we take communion.  Most of us Greeks do these things because it has been ingrained in us for the past thousands of years. 
I however do not do much of this, but I do something else. This is, I study God’s Word, I write speeches, I pray, I welcome people to my home, I offer spiritual help wherever people accept me as well as financial assistance to the measure that I am able, I don’t want and I don’t have earthly objectives, I don’t judge anyone, I accept everyone as they are, I forgive, I overlook matters to the point where many times I do not see and I do not listen. Now frankly I am talking foolishly but I am not doing it to boast, I am simply saying where my struggle focuses on, what I am doing, what I like. And if I don’t regularly do the typical things, sometimes I do them, I love my church, I love my dogma, and I love the people of my religion when those who manage it do not criticize, don’t judge, but  make known god’s essence which is found in the gospel of our Christ. Indeed I love the fathers, the poor fathers and the wisdom which many times I find myself studying. I do not like or identify with the financial matters of my religion from which the profits do not end up in the hands of the poor people but in various investments. I do not like those who are employed. Here Thomas says that he doesn’t like the fact of people being paid to carry out things pertaining to God. These people despite being employed take advantage of situations and people’s ignorance and ask for more. I do not like those who use power without love or seek their own interests. 
My lack of participation in the typical aspects of the church is my sign of protest to my church so that it can come back to its roots and love the essence which is to preach with words and with works,  the same works that should be revealed first by the people who speak of God or introduce themselves as God’s elected ones, so that in due time these people of God can manifest God’s works as opposed to how it is today where people talk about religion only and they have not even taken the gospel of Christ in their hands.
I once read about David: when a lion attacked his sheep, he didn’t let it attack or say that he has a hundred or a thousand other sheep but fell upon it with force and took back the sheep and killed the lion so that he will never attack the sheep again. This is how I want the elders, the leaders that represent my religion, my dogma, so that I may trust them and follow their work, which I will uphold with all my powers. The priest in my neighbourhood said to me once, “Thomas I have not seen you again in church” and I told him, “I come sometimes, but it is now going on to  fifty three years and you have not passed once by my home to ask if I am well.” This is the priest or bishop that I want and not the one who has so much bureaucracy, paperwork or day to day worldly jobs where he is only seen at inaugurations or at the cutting of a cake etc, and never having time to see me but can be found only at his desk sending out greetings through facebook. I went a bit further, and I told him, “ I trusted you from a young age and I followed you and I believed you, I saw though that when you saw me sick, with financial or spiritual problems, or health issues, you were never next to me. You didn’t come to see me, you didn’t work like the Samaritan from the parable of a neighbour but you go about like the priest and like the levite who neglected the person that was attacked by the thieves.” This is why with my absence I protest against your church and your dogma.   
In fact, I realized that doing everything they suggest leads you to nothing but fanaticism and accusation that is being done for show to serve one purpose and this is to use you to defend them and to support them in their personal interests. In fact, day and night they judge everybody and everything, they have an opinion about everyone and everything, they do not know how to love, besides how can they have the time to love anyone. In fact if someone carries out a spiritual struggle and they don’t have these people’s permission then they right away call him a heretic. They don’t even understand the basics which is not to judge anything and this is God’s evangelical demand. Whoever accuses does not love Christ or his neighbour and brother, but they do it for their own personal interests. To do the typical things like prayer beads, going to church, pleading with God, etc., and whatever else is recommended by my church, while knowledge of the word of God is absent from my life and I insist on the above,  I realized do not benefit because those people who do this alone are oftentimes the most evil of people, they become aggressive, bad intentioned, stingy, conniving, strict, etc. The strange thing is that all of this, without God’s essence which is His Wisdom do not liberate you. And yet all of that, even if it is very good, they are all helpers but not the essence, not God. All of that is around God , it is not God. It is like saying that I live close to God’s house but I have not been inside it yet, and neither is it needed. And the reason why this is and I will repeat it is because there are people who even if they do all of that (the typical things) are still hardened, conniving, egotistical, judging, they don’t offer either from their excess or from their lack anything to anyone. Indeed you see that when you visit them at their homes, everyone is scared of them because they are strict, constantly grumbling, they fight at the slightest detail, their laughter is hard to come by and sometimes never comes,  they are very interested in money to the point where they become greedy and also stingy, they seek titles for appearances, they brown nose or suck up to the priest, the bishop, the politician, they present themselves as being godly, they talk badly when they are in a difficult situation or they lose something of theirs which they believe belongs to them, they consider themselves the best because they do the typical aspects of their doctrine and consider all others to be contaminated that do not do all that they are doing. They continually judge, demonstrating that they certainly don’t have God.  Moreover there are many who want to go to church yet they see these people and they no longer want to go. They have grabbed all the space and act as Christians yet they have no relationship with Christ. 
Somehow this is how the Pharisees must of been like to whom God unleashed the “woes”. Perhaps all those, who simply do the typical of any religion are the people that God will say “depart from me you workers of iniquity”. I do not wish for this, because we are all in danger. My brothers and sisters, no matter how many prayers that you do, if you are like the Pharisee that continually praised himself and criticized the tax collector, let us understand that these prayers will not catch, they do not reach heaven and they are not accepted, because works are needed. No matter how many rosary beads you wear or whether you carry the rosary and say “lord have mercy on me the sinner”  it does not catch and you will remain a sinner. Also no matter how many repentances you may do, if our heart does not bend a knee and kneel and if the tear does not flow, there is no meaning to these efforts, these repentances. Indeed there are many that continually go on trips to monasteries. These monastery visitors usually have a tour organizer. Now the tour organizer shops around the different monasteries to see which one will give them a good price. A good price is usually free. If the organizer cannot find it for free then they will simply not go to that monastery and criticize their tour organizer for not getting the tour for free. 
All of the above and many more examples of what Christians are doing today is not sufficient to bring God into their lives and into our lives. The reason is simple, upon examining what they are doing we see that God is not one of their motives, they are simply serving their personal interests as well as fear of being alone  because no one keeps company with them at the age they are at and with the spirit that they have. Age actually does not play a role it is the strict spirit that they possess which distances them from those who are close to them, because even Paiousios (A famous Greek monk) was of an old age yet thousands came running to him. Eventually all those who become fanatics cause others to turn away from them with their fanaticism.  The funny thing is that these fanatics don’t understand how self damaging they are in their actions and they continue to believe that everyone around them is a sinner. The drunkenness of their paranoia has no end and this leads them to search for a way, a stimulus within the space of the church to continue living, yet without real meaning. With their ego though they make the lives of those around them hard, in other words they make their lives miserable. God therefore when he sees this, does not bless the person because there is hypocrisy. Now someone will tell me “what should we do in order to be close to God?” First of all, all the aforementioned like going to church etc is good yet they are human commandments. Human commandments include whatever God does not recommend and whatever does not exist in God’s word, which slowly slowly if you are ignorant of God’s will or Word, you make all these commandments as your truth and this leads you to eventually doing the will of those who support these commandments and not God’s will. The apostle Paul says in Galatians 6:13, “Not even those who are circumcised keep the law, yet they want you to be circumcised that they may boast about your circumcision in the flesh.” It is one thing to do all of these things and quite another to do God’s will. There is a little story I would like to tell recounting the life of Saint Stiliano, who is the protector of children. What does this true story tell us? Once upon a time (and I don’t mean it like a fairy tale) Saint Stiliano made a tour preaching people God’s will. We know that Saint Stiliano is the patron saint and protector of young children in the Greek Orthodox religion. Perhaps you may have heard the story which testifies of the difference between God’s truth and the hypocrisy of human commandments. I will try to do it justice in english as it is a play on words and they rhyme in Greek only. The transliteration is as follows: alla ta alla kai alla tis paraskevis to gala. Translated into English this saying is: other is the other and other is Friday’s milk. Now what does this mean and how did it come about? Exhausted from his long walk, the hungry and thirsty saint came to a monastery, he knocked on the door and a nun opened. The saint asked the nun for a glass of milk and the nun told him, “Are you not embarrassed even a little bit? Today is Friday (that particular Friday was a day of lent where no one eats any products derived from animals. This tradition initially stemmed from Christ’s forty days of fast in the wilderness, but seeing that a lot of people were dying the Greek Orthodox Church changed the fast to lent where one is supposed to refrain from eating any animal derived products such as meat, milk, cheese etc and on some days even oil.) Saint Stiliano, speechless left and went a little further from the monastery, he dug in the dirt and found buried a dead child. He took the child and went back again to the monastery. He knocked on the door, the nun opened and the saint prayed and resurrected the child in front of her. The nun was astounded. Then the saint gave her the child and told her, “other is the other and other is Friday’s milk”. The nun had given birth to that child, she killed it and she buried it, despite all of this, she was convinced of her reason not to give milk to the saint. She placed more significance on respecting human traditions and commandments than to save the life of her child. Likewise with us whenever we criticize others let us first take out the log which is in us and let us be cognisant of something really important and this is that our will is really other people’s will that stems from within human made commandments. These commandments which can also be called traditions direct and determine whichever doctrine is found in any and all nations regardless of the denomination, religion, or nation. God’s will though is something completely different and has no relationship with all of that. Moreover, Christ did not ask for a lot of that, neither did He say it, but it is our own fabrication, and that is why even though we are Christian nations, we are battling each other every day.
Unfortunately we attack each other, for small matters, suggesting that we have no relationship with the Gospel’s truth, Christ’s truth. For us to see what is God’s will, we must first learn to think like Christ and then live like him. None of all the typical things that stem from human commandments are of benefit to us if we don’t develop Christ’s mind, they serve though as a first step. The important thing is Christ and we must think like He did. We ask ourselves, “what did the Son think of?” He thought strongly on only one matter. Which was to do the will of His Father and he Himself stated in John 13:15, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” This is after He took the basin and washed His disciples’ feet. Something difficult for us but not impossible if we make the decision. Not to wash feet but to do onto others as we would have wanted done onto us. Only in this case do our prayers reach heaven like incense and are blessed. It is written in John 9:31, We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but if anyone is a worshiper of God, and does his will, he listens to him.” God wants us to enter into the essence, into His home, so that we may partake of His Great Glory. If we remain in the typical and we ignore this essence we will not have the results that we want, and as a consequence, questions will increase and the whys will multiply. Like, we have said before, the Sadducees and the Pharisees did the same. Besides it is useless to do the typical things and not to have God at the center of your life and in all your efforts whether they be spiritual or material. What does God want from us? First He wants us to have peace, peace creates joy in our soul. God wants us to have happiness. God wants us to have His righteousness, which has as its foundation great mercy which should be directed to every fellow person friend or enemy as well as the wisdom of offering. Seeking your own personal interests will guide you on the wrong path. Serving the general interest will put you on the right path. On this point I would like to add my two sense, I strongly believe that this level of thinking that Thomas speaks of in terms of looking out for a general interest as priority over yours is the ultimate form of thinking but it is at the top level and found in the church that we are to be part of which is spoken in the book of Revelations, the church of Philadelphia. There are levels that a person must accomplish prior to reaching this level. The first is to find himself, to educate himself, to find a job or business that is profitable in the financial sense but also in an emotional and spiritual sense, to find a partner that he can work with to actualize his/her other dreams and succeed in accomplishing most of the goals or hierarchy of needs as simplified by Abraham Maslow. As a person is reaching this level he is slowly transferring his attention from his personal needs to those around him. One is not exclusive of the other. Let me bring out an example.  If you find yourself going on vacation once or twice a year, donate a bit to a charity like make a wish foundation so that maybe one unfortunate child who is terminally ill can possibly go to Walt Disney or see a football game of one of his or her heros etc. Bring a less fortunate child or two along with you to enjoy the vacation together. Ideally you would want a child that is pleasant with your children. In other words take the focus a little off yourself and your needs and focus on the needs of those around you. You don’t have to do it when you are in lack, this is why I say the first needs must be met but do it when you have abundance and abundance is a state of mind. It must be developed. It starts from small things and then progresses to the larger ones. For example, you have a sandwich and your friend has nothing to eat, offer some of your sandwich. You don’t have to give half of it but at least give something to comfort the other person. Soon this abundant mentality will bring along with it many blessings and you will find yourself always having a little more to give. There are many ways to spot whether people have an abundant mentality and it can be either in their words or their actions.  In their words you can hear it when a person is complaining that he doesn’t have money, that he is in lack, or when they are blaming the people around them. In actions you can see it when you sit at the table with them to eat. Let’s take a situation where a person is invited to your house for supper. Has he brought anything to you as a thank you for the invitation, say a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine? Does he fix his plate first or is he offering the different food platters around so others can share? When he goes to get more salad or fries does he offer anyone else? Does he put food in his plate before or after he offers it to others? Does he start eating before everyone has sat down to eat? When he pours himself more wine does he pour in his neighbour’s cup first and then in his? Does he pour any to his neighbour even after he pours his? These are all signs that this person is looking only after their needs and therefore lacks the abundant mentality. A person like this will always suffer as it states in the bible when Jesus speaks of the parable with the talents. Where it says to whomever has, more will be given and to him that makes no effort will lose even the little that he has. No amount of money can change this person because they have a mentality of lack which is absent of offering. Meaning a mentality where this person thinks there is less in the world hence they have to look after themselves first and then maybe offer anything to anyone else. This person will always complain of lack and they will never understand that they are bringing this upon themselves because of their lack of offering. 
Today that we have the time let us question whether we are righteous. My brothers and sisters we are Greeks, we believe in Christ, this is what we say. We need to get to know Him, from the inside and not from the outside where we say that we are in His space yet we are really outside. If we are Christians, let us carry out this test and let us ask ourselves, what does God want.  Let us see. God wants us to have peace, to have happiness, to have living faith. The shadowy faith that we have today does not benefit.  As it stands, we surely don’t have living faith. If we did then the world would be different and the hospitals empty. Today the medical drug imports in Greece have surpassed two billion euros annually if I am not mistaken.  If we become of Christ, we will not need medication. Today all the autoimmune drugs have taken the most important seats in people’s lives. Drugs for psychological issues, drugs for micro fobias, drugs for everything and everyone. Indeed if we don’t give love, we don’t receive love and we end up in the psychologist’s offices, others fall into depression, and manifold sicknesses.  How is it possible to say that we have God and we judge the whole world? We don’t even understand the basics, why should we judge? Don’t we know that the drugs are manufactured outside the country by people who belong to different dogmas? And yet we buy their drugs, we buy their cars, their washers, and any other technology and we still judge them all, saying that  whoever is not part of our dogma is a heretic. Is this normal? Obviously not. Why should we not be of Christ so that we can show everyone that we are God’s children by teaching people with our lives, simplicity, God’s wisdom and the health that God’s Word ensures us? Here again I will boast of myself but the Lord knows how I am saying it.  From a young age I followed Christ, I am fifty three years old and I never needed even one Depon (which is the European equivalent of an aspirin). Thirty five years in public service and I never had a medical note, nor did I indebt the country of even one euro until today because I strengthen my body with God’s word. We need one drug and it is called “Christex”. There are no side effects in this medicine. Its ingredients are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, faith, virtue, temperance. And what I say to this day is exactly how it happened in my life. I'm not boasting, I'm human, tomorrow I may lose God’s grace and I will need a lot of drugs, I don’t know, I'm just giving an account of what has happened so far. This is therefore what we should do if we want a strong economy in our country, if we want progress, if we want the attention of all the other nations: let us truly become  God’s children. One day I was here on the road in Agrinio with a friend of mine who loves politics. He asked me, “How are you Thomas”? I told him, “I am well”. Then he started to criticize the political leadership. After hearing him speak, I chimed in “listen here to what I will tell you, I believe that we have all gone astray and especially the politicians”. “What do you mean?” he asked. “We as a nation have voted for them so they can watch over the country, do you agree?” “Yes I agree”. “We gave them with our vote, a large salary and the Greek government is giving them pretty much everything else for free. And now they are fighting amongst themselves every day in parliament and on television screens and one is criticizing the other how many mistakes they made and which of them has made the biggest mistake, and if one comes to power he will put the other in jail. And the whole world is listening to them and yet they cannot understand that they only have one job and that is not to create scandals, to protect the nation, to care for everyone and that we the people are paying them to do that. The money that the world is giving in their hands comes from taxes. 
And they, instead of competing in Parliament, trying to surpass each other the good works that they do, they make everyone listen to aspects and push forward agendas that conceal their personal interests, whether they be on a personal or general level, and promote hatred for one another. I ask, is this their job? Is this why we're paying them? Please, come to your senses. We lived four hundred years as slaves, do you want to enslave us again? Do they not receive enough money? Please, come to your senses. Is this why we pay them? Please come to your senses. Look at this poor and sick country. They should concern themselves with this, this is their job. They receive so much money, is it not enough for them? They have caused us to be indebted everywhere, to not having anything to eat, to having only enough to pay for the bare necessities and instead of having a common goal to becoming a more credible nation, a better people, they make us kill each other, taking advantage of our ignorance. They all live in luxury,  they eat and travel for free, they have heat, they have everything. What else do they want? They only listen when someone has offered a certain bribe. When this happens they should immediately publicize the one bribing and put them in jail. I am waiting to hear something good from the news and I never hear it. The reason being is because the problems they have amongst themselves have no end. They act like little children when they come on television. If I chance to listen to them, they cause me to be disgusted. Unite yourselves, we will all perish. What don’t you understand? We are a Christian nation, what is your example? We are God’s nation, to us was entrusted God’s Word by God Himself, and was written in ancient Greek. God is calling us to be the light of nations. Why are we not all living according to His will? The Jews number ten million like us and everyone takes off their hat to them for the great progress they have achieved. And we are ten million and from your poor management you have indebted us billions. Think of a Greek today going for a trip outside of his country. He hides the fact that he is Greek. You think twice about telling anyone you are a Greek. I plead with you please unite and look for the country’s benefit. Elections take place and not even three days pass and one person attacks the other. You live in another world because you have money and you think that everyone else has, you don’t understand that we don’t even have enough for the basics. “With the mindset that they have” I told my friend, “they will put all of us in war and we will lose everything. Most of them have homes and acquaintances around the world, they will leave by night in the event of war, they will abandon us like the priest and the levite in the parable of the good Samaritan. And where they will go, they will fight amongst themselves and here all of us that have remained will gather the feet, the hands and the heads of our children from the bombs and the hunger. Have you not seen what is going on in Syria? Unite all of you now that we have the time and the world should not be sleeping. Let us all be His children. Let us see what else is needed. We should all be saying the truth, we should stop the lies, we should stop continually judging whatever moves and whatever does not move, whatever we see and whatever we do not see. We say that we are Christians and we continually lose our faith with the slightest of things. And with the slightest we acquire fear and we transfer this fear even to our children, they grow in fear and in the end they become self conscious. Where is the trust in God? If we have trust we will not be “losing” it neither would we have fear or uncertainty about tomorrow, and what will happen tomorrow. If we had understanding we would know that God takes care of the birds, the animals, will he not take care of His child? Let us all come close to God and let us leave behind the talk concerning country, religion, and family. 
What country can we talk about, we have sold everything. Religion, what religion since we don’t have justice, faith, love, happiness, peace, health. If we had trust and faith in God we would not fear of what tomorrow may bring. Religion today works to get you married, with money of course even though it already gets paid. Religion today exists to bury you for other reasons and not to make you a person of God. And yet how can it make you into this person since everyone has fallen into the trap of worldly living. We need to trust God under all circumstances and to make profound spiritual changes from the roots. What family, everywhere we see divorces and families are enemies living under the same roof. I believe the time has come for all of us to consciously return to God’s space. Since we understand what needs to be done, let us do it. This is what God wants from us. Let us make the decision with the objective and purpose to do His will. May it be amen.
The way to go about it is to study His wisdom, not so that we may become teachers, the know it alls, God’s representatives, saints, the good Christians, but because it is God’s Will. Here I will briefly state what our Lord did, since this is an example to be imitated. The Lord had begun a spiritual, holy life from a very small age. As our world is turning out today, we are losing God from childhood and consequently from a young age we are entering into the system of the world, but at some point God calls us, He called us. In one part of the bible, it states, “God overlooks the time of ignorance”, in another part it states, “ whoever loses his life on account of me and the Gospel will find it”. In other words let each one of us take the steps that will lead us to dedicate ourselves. Let the world around us shrink in importance and let God grow, just like the airplane when it takes off, slowly slowly it disappears from the ground until we can hardly see it anymore. Getting into this heaven, the world now from our position up high seems like a picture. Let the world diminish so God can grow. Secondly continual research, examining, progressing, obedience with an objective and a purpose to create Christ’s mind. Our mind requires the pure, God. 
From this moment on we will be vested with powers, many powers just like the lord and do not think that this is not possible. Our body has these capabilities and our brain continually proves it because we all see that this is the way it was designed and built to keep us alive. You know that when you get hurt and blood runs out, our body rushes to seal the wound. When fever increases, our body is fighting the virus alone automatically of course and if the body temperature rises too high, it sweats and brings its temperature back down dropping the fever. If we decide therefore to dedicate ourselves to God’s rhythm, with His Wisdom, our brain will work on another frequency. God’s frequency activates other biochemical processes that consequently activate even incorruptibility. Behind each word there exists a physical substance or matter. The word "incorruptibility" was stated in order to be perceived by rational beings so that they may come into life, into incorruptible life. God’s attributes activate the mechanism of life that exists within us and is there to heal us, to keep us young, to stop bodily decay. Everything will work by itself when we leave from the lie and come to our Christ’s truth. We need a regenerative teaching, continual listening. To what should we listen to? God’s Wisdom. * Here I will take a moment and give you a brief description of a typical day in Thomas’ life. He walks or takes the car to his cabin which is in the fields about 3-4 km (2-2.5 miles) from his house every afternoon. At his cabin he feeds his two dogs, he starts up his laptop and accesses his webpage where he has his speeches streaming 24/7. Next he will either open up his bible and read, or sit down and write something that came to him that day or something either the angels, Jesus or God Himself has told him. He will sit down and pray oftentimes on his knees. These activities will go on for hours and sometimes days at a time. Now the obvious thing a person may ask is how does he sustain himself financially. Well he just retired from work after 32 years and he receives a small pension that covers his and his wife’s bare necessities. Sometimes angels will visit, sometimes the Lord will visit and sometimes God visits him in this outpost in the middle of the fields. I have yet to witness their presence but I believe Thomas because of several incidents that have happened over the years since I have known him. My first such moment was when I met Thomas for the first time in a town called Patra. We were to meet for coffee and then I was to take the bus and go to Athens because my flight was the next day. He picked me up and stated that he will drive me to Athens about 320 kilometers or 200 miles away. I was astounded by his generosity. He told me though in the car ride that the angels asked him to drive me because I had many questions. During the car ride the first hour we did not talk about God. We talked about the Federal Reserve and the Cabal. Something I had been studying for the past 3 years and read several hundred articles about how this organisation had tentacles in every sphere of our society yet it was a private entity. He told me everything I had studied and I asked him how he knew so much and he stated that the angels told him and that they had taken him by the spirit to their different meetings around the world and explained to him how they were discussing their plans for total world domination and enslavement. This is what sold me on Thomas. Here was a person who spent the greater part of his life studying God yet knew more about what I had been reading on the banking system and cartels through his encounters with angels. This is where I had my shock and awe moment and decided that I want to know more about who he is as well as reach the level that he is at. Since I am still working, I fill my days by putting Thoma’s speeches on my phone and listening to them through my ear pieces. I listen to them when I bike and when I walk. I make the commitment to spend 5-10 hours a week to translate his works from Greek to English so the whole world can partake and understand this new message of regeneration. I hope it finds you well and gives you all the blessings it has given me and more. Now back to the speech.
When one spends the time and commits to the gospel, to reading, to studying to taking action, without realizing it, and at a certain moment this person will notice that bodily decay is slow to make its appearance, sicknesses will depart, microbes will not find fertile soil in our bodies. Everything changes when Christ enters in our life, and naturally our body will change biologically. Let us all become researchers of God’s life. Afterwards everything changes because kindness takes its place, love becomes tangible, joy indescribable. Lastly let’s get to know humility, even though we should have served it from the beginning we still do not know her. She by herself though is a great virtue. Humility is not to say “I the deplorable, I the worthless, I the big sinner”, this is not humility especially if you say it in front of others. Humble is he who does not want to act like the leader, does not demand something from God believing that God owes him things. A humble person does not enter into another person’s life, a humble person does not judge his brothers, his friends, his enemies and does not ignore anyone. A humble person is another type of person that lives in God’s tabernacles. All of us, in a small or large capacity understand what humility is, but its application varies from what we say or from whatever each one of us does, saying what is right and what is wrong. A humble person does not fear God neither does he frame God in one perspective and neither does he dogmatize him. A humble person has love for God, feels love for his brother regardless of their faith. A humble person does not judge anyone. A humble person is precious to God, he is God’s friend. Besides it is written in Isaiah 66:2, “But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.” It is not humility to criticize yourself in front of others saying, “I am not worthy, I am a sinner”, etc. God’s words which are found in the Gospel do not promote these words or actions as humility, God’s word promotes other things. What does it promote? It simply promotes to the whole Christian world the obedience to His will as humility. A humble person does not have any opinion towards God’s will, neither does he change it or interpret it as he wishes. A humble person understands where it says in scripture in Luke 17:10,So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, 'We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.” A humble person even if he does everything understands that God’s grace will lead him to godliness. We need to understand all this for our heart to open to God and not our mouth and word alone in order for God, the Father the trinity to come into our lives. It is written, in John 14:21, “Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them." and let us not forget in 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, Do you not know that you yourselves are God’s temple, and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? 17 If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him; for God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple. 

With Christ’s love, servant of God and man Thomas.

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